Welcome to ECATA

Competition in the worldwide aerospace market is more and more fierce. The need to constantly improve European competitiveness is more vital today than ever before.


European Industry in both the commercial and military sectors is irreversibly involved in multinational programmes. Whatever the programme, complexity and fast-moving requirements compel successful companies to function across organizational and international cultures as a single unit, quickly overcoming cultural differences, and in fact turning those differences into an advantage. The rapid reshaping of world-wide aerospace industry requires leaders to master “change” to sustain a competitive advantage in the global market place.


When working jointly to build the best and most advanced product to the market on time, and at the lowest cost, numerous challenges must be overcome. In particular, the complex nature of business integration with evolving technologies imposes a need for appropriate skills in the management of multinational technical programmes.


Behavioural flexibility, overcoming cultural differences, team building and process, effective decision making process, quick reactivity, customer focus, strategic thinking, effective networking, conflict management, and effective communication must all be mastered for success in this new global environment.


ECATA has developed a top ranking international training programme for young high-potential executives utilizing a unique learning methodology specifically designed to meet the high standards of these new qualification requirements.


The dynamic ECALAS association (ECATA Course Alumni Association) constitutes an effective European network that is useful for current and future European Aerospace challenges in the world.